The Sex Business Is Still A Business

One thing I had noticed while travelling with her for nearly a month was that she kept taking calls and answering emails from clients who were asking her for business advice. I knew that more than a few of the very powerful men that were her clients regarded themselves as her sexual slaves and some ere literally told what they could and could not eat or wear. Which seemed strange then but I could see in context. And I also knew that she was not just one of the most beautiful women I had ever met but also held a doctorate in marketing. But hearing calls from Fortune 500 Chief Executives asking for strategy advice was more than a little surprising.

“Deborah, can I ask you something that’s been niggling at me for a couple of weeks? You spend a lot of time talking strategy with the heads of all these big businesses, but as far as I can see you are basically running a one-person business. It is obviously a very successful sex business, but it is still one person business. How come you have never set up a consultancy firm or expanded? Gone into the escort agency business maybe, or running a brothel or lap dancing club?”

Her face lit up like I had never seen before. Pure pleasure. “At last. I have been waiting for you to ask me. I have not set up any kind of consultancy because I don’t fancy the drop in earnings. You have probably started to work out what I earn bossing rich men around. And, by the way, I really, really enjoy doing that! But to answer the main question my business is just me because I cannot expand it the way I want to without a partner who has the right skills that I lack. And I think I finally have one in my sights. Tell you more in Ibiza.”

I have to be honest, I could barely wait to hear what she was thinking. I had a strange hunch that whatever it was, there were a few people in the sex and adult industry whose lives were going to be changing soon.

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