Like most trades, there are actually an extremely broad sweep of diverse specific niche markets in the complete London whore business. From the bona fide niche fetish and BDSM markets to the Yummy Mummy and sophisticated whore arena, there are specific niches for nearly every person. If you can imagine a sex act, no matter how odd or apparently outre, there will be enough clients looking for it for a clever woman to make a damn good living from servcing that need. As in most industries, specialisation pays off.

After that there certainly are the pricing varieties. The main market used to be for young ladies selling dates at the two hundred and fifty to three hundred pounds a session spectrum. Nowadays, the market is filled with young babes who are gorgeous, fit and willing to supply almost all services for a starting rate of one hundred pounds for 60 minutes. These hotties are mainly from east Europe and certainly some will have been victims of a degree of people slavery. But the majority have merely elected to stay in the UK to obtain as much funds as conceivable and being willing to stay in the lowest cost feasible communal lodging.

On the peak of the market place, high class London escorts continue being remarkably unaffected by all the competitors at the low and middle of the road ends of the marketplace. Well-informed, beautiful and polished girls, especially American and British females, will consistently be desired by men who will not shop for just about anything at the low end; actually who regard sales price as an indicator of top quality. And long may that endure !


Therefore, earning cash as one of the sexiest escorts Mayfair can supply is pretty much the same as growing a financially successful company in some other marketplace. Identify your advantages and weaknesses. Consider what you would like to produce. research your competition. Research what your punters want. And then sell the daylights out of your small business.

A London escort who intends to produce a good lifestyle has to recognize the realities of the market place, the patrons and their rivals. The exact same applies to for the London escort agencies that they partner with. In precisely the very same approach as a retailer, hotelier, bar, restaurant, disco, or other enterprise works; an escort firm or pro hooker has to take note of their competitive marketplace.

Next, needless to say there really are geographic factors in a capital as huge as London. A female based in Doclands may well have a very profitable enterprise, especially with the investment or retail bankers operating there, but she is not likely to do a lot of business with the West End hotels. It simply requires too much time in order to get there. And a girl established in the outer r5eaches of the tube or out in the suburbs such as Croydon is not going to have the ability to take a lot of revenue from patrons based in Belgravia.

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