I Have Strong Views Of Right And Wrong

I have my personal views and beliefs about religion, ethics and politics. I have strong views about what is right and wrong and I try to live by those beliefs and to make sure that my business does so as well. I enjoy working in the sex business and working with escorts on Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands but I would never dream of making everyone work in my industry. And I would never force my opinions and beliefs onto other people. Just because they are my views and beliefs does not mean that they are always right. So what gives other people the right to force their moral and political views into how I live my life and run my business?

I like working in the sex industry and my business is profitable and fun. I run the escort agencies that I am involved in like professional businesses. I actually enjoy most of the Las Palmas escorts that I work with as well. Even the customers are good fun most of the time. Not all of them of course, some of them are idiots. But most of them are nice and decent. So life in the sex industry is good most of the time. It has problems in the same way as any business but most days are great. And it is profitable and fun.

When people think about prostitutes and professionals in the sex industry, I am not what people imagine. I used to work as a successful and very professional high class escort for many years and really enjoyed it as well as making lots of money. I was also very good at it and extremely popular. But now I run several escort agencies and I am actually better at that than I was as an escort. It seems that I am better at selling other people having sex instead of just selling my own sexual services. Or perhaps the girls that I work with now are better and more attractive than I was. Which is not likely but it would be fine by me!

I have no ego attached to whether someone is better as an escort than I used to be, or more attractive, charming or popular. To me, the sex and escort agency is just that; a business which needs to be viewed commercially and in a commercial way, with the same values that you would apply to any business enterprise.

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