I know that title sound extreme, but in reality, it is actually a fairly accurate summation of what has increasingly become clear as a scientifically based fact as well as an anecdotal one; attractive people, especially gorgeous women, get away with more in all sorts of contexts than their less attractive colleagues, relative and friends.

There are an increasing quantity of books and hundreds of articles showing that having an attractive face and being perceived as beautiful skews peoples perceptions of many qualities and attributes, from intelligence to trustworthiness and honesty. As a silly example, I love Marilyn Monroe for a whole range of reasons; but does her intellect and professional success really deserve to be the subject of entire internet sub-genre based around her quotes?


The best books on the subject by far is Honey Money: The Power Of Erotic Capital, Beauty Pays: Why Attractive people Are More Successful and The Beauty Bias. They are all slightly over-careful as they were written by academics in the full knowledge that they were going to be attacked, vilified and receive huge negative personal publicity (if they were lucky!) And the evidence gathered by all the authors is overwhelming and extremely clear. Good looking people get paid more, get promoted and are more successful than their less attractive peers because the “halo effect” of their beauty means that their good traits get amplified and their poor traits minimised.

Working as a marketer to promote the beautiful and sexy escorts in Marbella who are working with Marbella escort agencies such as 2nd Circle Escorts Marbella and Marbella Beauties from The Marbella Escorts Agency, understanding this is very important. It is my job to know how to make everything about these glamorous and appealing women even more attractive.

So let me be very explicit; the images that we show on escort sites do not necessarily represent what the women in them is like. But they do determine how we sell them to potential clients. A girl in a simple bikini? Surfer girl and athlete. Straight dress and plain court shoes? Intellectual and sophisticated. Business suit? Smart business woman? Body-con bandage dress? Fun party-girl. If its the same girl in those different photos? A mysterious woman woman of many parts…

Good looking defendants are more likely to be found not guilty. And if they are found guilty, will be given shorter or more lenient sentences. We care about the views of beautiful people just because they are beautiful. Angelina Jolie is now a visiting Professor at the London School of Economics teaching on the same course as former British Foreign Secretary William Hague. Really? Really?

Words coming from a perfectly made up and supremely kissable mouth perhaps have more power and impact than those coming from a less attractive source? And maybe it takes longer for us to process them and realise that there was nothing actually there? The old adage is that nothing kills a poor product faster than good advertising. But the power of glamour sometimes means that it takes an awfully long time for that to happen.

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